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History of Hospital

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1898 Dr. Mattie Ingold started a clinic for women.
1902 Dr. Harrison built a small outpatient clinic.
1912 Thirty-bed hospital was built by Dr. Thomas Daniel.
1935 The Hospital was rebuilt with 40 beds by Dr. Lloyd K. Boggs.
1940 The Hospital was closed because of the Japanese Shinto Shrine issue.
1947 The Hospital reopened with Dr. Paul Crane as Director.
1950 The Nursign School was opened by Margaret Pritchard, R.N.
1969 Dr. David J. Seel bacame Director when Dr. Crane returned to the U.S.
1971 The Hospital came under its own independent Board and Juridical Person.
1984 Moved to new building(253 beds),built with the help of the Women of the Presbyterian church
1986 Church, the German Protestant Central Agency, MBF and others.
Dedicated a new Memorial Chapel and expanded to 269 beds.
1987 Dedicated the Medical Library.(USAID Grant)
Dedicated the Rehabilitation institute and expanded to 293 beds. (USAID Grant)
1987 Kosan Branch Hospital dedicated with 10 beds:(EZE Grant)
Completed 7th Floor, hospital bed total:401(EZE Grant)
1988 Dedicated the Christian Medical Research Center.
1988 Dr. Young-Tae Chung was appointed.
1991 Dr. Daved John Seel was appointed Medecal Center Director.
1992 Dedicated the Kosan Rehabilitation Center.
1993 Dedicated the Comprehensive Maternal Child Health Center.
1993 Dr. Eul-sam Chung was appointed.
bed totl: 501
1995 Completed the Critical Care Annex & expanded to 542 beds.
1996 Expandsion Work of ER Center & MRI Room started.
1998 Dr. Yong-Ung Lee was appointed Hospital Acting Director.
1998 Dr. Young-hee Goh was appointed.
1998 Dr. Young-Tae Chung was appointed.
2000 Dr. Yong-Ung Lee was appointed. Centennial Celebration.
2001 Dr. Sang-Hyun Kim was appointed Acting Director
The Affiliation Agreement between Seoul University Hospital and Presbyterian Medical Cente .
2002 Dr. Bong-Ok Yoo was appointed Open DSA Room and Spiral CT Room .
2003 Begin Albania Medical Mission Open the free medical clinic for foreign workers.
2004 Dr. Min-Chul Kim was appointed .
2005 The Affiliation Agreement between Asan Medical Center and Presbyterian Medical Center.
2006 Open The Health Promotion Center.
2007 Purchased PET-CT unit.
Opened a laproscopy unit.
2008 Assessed by Jeollabukdo province, scoring A-grade in high-difficulty surgeries (esp. stomach cancer related)
Scored A-grades in outpatient satisfaction and Clinical Quality Index.
Among local private hospitals, Jesus Hospital was selected as a top provider, scoring A-grades in five procedures.
2009 Scored A-grade in assessment and treatment of acute stroke.
Ranked forst in the nation for treatment of myocardial infarction.
Open the David J, Seel Memorial Cancer Center.
Purchased and initiated Korea's first VMAT linear accelerator radiotherapy unit.

Dr. ChangYoung Kweon was appointed president.


Dr. CheolSeung Kim was appointed president.