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03 Greetings 
To the entire Staff of Presbyterian Medical Center and all the citizens who visit:

Warm greetings and may the abundant grace of God be with each of you and your families.

Our Presbyterian Medical Center personnel are striving to provide the most efficient and scientific health care for our customer’s satisfaction in a rapidly changing medical environment. By providing the latest medical facilities (equipment) and securing very capable physicians Presbyterian Medical Center is doing its best to share and demonstrate Christian love both in our community and beyond, which is the spirit established at the founding of this hospital.

Presbyterian Medical Center always provides peace, joy,and the best health care to all with genuine care and love for each of you. Our Motto and Goal is "The hospital that gives peace, and will stand by your side;" "The hospital which works hand and hand with you"

We are now living in an information age of cyber-technology; therefore, we want to offer to all those who serve, employees and physicians, and all those whom we are privileged to serve, patients and relatives--the most convenient and best possible service, and we will continually work to that end.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the community for their faithful support, interest and love for the Presbyterian Medical Center. All of us will seek to love and serve our patients as our own family and we want to share the love of Jesus by serving to our utmost all those who visit the Presbyterian Medical Center.

May all who come here find healing and the peace of God.


CheolSeung Kim, President
Presbyterian Medical Center