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Midcal Service Program for Foreigners

Midcal Service Program for Foreigners

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i Medical Service Team for Foreigners
1. Cheol Seung Kim M.D. Team Leader, Chief of Medical Division
2. Chung Hwan Cho M.D.
3. Hyo Shil Lee, Chief of Nursing Department
4. Yong Ki Kim, Chief of Department of Planning & Budget
5. Geun Goh, Chief of Department of Public Relations
6. Sang Bae Lee, Chief of Department of General Affairs
7. Sang Hee Lee, Chief of Department of Patient Affairs

1. All foreigners staying in Korea.
2. All foreigners participating in international activities in Korea.
3. Emergency care for foreigners.

iMedical Service System
1. Registration and Insurance : Sang-Hee, Lee
2. General Affairs and Medical Administration : Sang Bae Lee
3. Public Relations : Geun Goh
4. Medical Service : Cheol Seung Kim M.D., Chung Hwan Cho M.D. Hyo Shil Lee
5. Planning for Medical Service :.Yong Ki Kim

i Specialties for Medical Service
1. Internal Medicine(Gasrointestinal Section, Hepato-biliary Section, Cardiology Section, Respiratory and Infectious Disease Section, Allergy Section, Endocrinology Section, Nephrology Section, Hematooncology Section)
2. Surgery(General Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Endocrinologic Surgery, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Colon and Anorectal Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Transplantation Surgery, Vascular Surgery)
3. Chest Surgery
4. Pediatrics(Neonatology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy, Pediatric Hematooncology, Pediatric Infectious Disease)

5. Neurology
6. Obstetrics and Gynecology
7. Radiology
8. Neurosurgery
9. Orthopedic Surgery
10. Laboratory Medicine
11. Dermatology
12. Ophthalmology
13. Otolaryngology
14. Dentistry
15. Radiologic Oncology
16. Laboratory
17. Urology
18. Nuclear Medicine
19. Anesthesiology
20. Pain Clinic
21. Family Medicine
22. Neuropsychiatry

P.O. Box 77, Presbyterian Medical Center, Chonju, Korea, 560-750

063-230-8000(Hospital Director)
063-230-8110(General Affairs)
063-230-8770(Public Relations)
063-230-8541(Patient Affairs)